/ Policy Paper: Bridging the Gap Between India and the Baltics

Policy Paper: Bridging the Gap Between India and the Baltics, written by Sharanya Rajiv, a program coordinator at Carnegie India to the International Centre for Defence and Security Tallinn, Estonia.

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Diplomatic relations between India and the Baltic states were established over 25 years ago but have remained below their potential. For a long time, neither side featured prominently in the other’s foreign-policy priorities. Over the past decade, this began to change, first with the Baltic states looking to further their ties with rising powers in Asia, and now with India looking to diversify its Europe policy by reaching out to smaller states in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe.

This policy paper examines the interests that drive Indo-Baltic engagement, how their relations have evolved over the years, and the way ahead. The first part appraises this engagement in the context of a changing global order and identifies key areas where Indian and Baltic strategic interests converge: first, strengthening and reforming multilateral institutions and a rules-based global order; second, cooperating in the field of security, especially countering terrorism; and third, connecting the Baltic Sea region with the Indian Ocean region. The second part reviews Indo-Baltic political, cultural and economic relations to identify the gaps that need to be plugged and opportunities for cooperation. The third and final part proposes policy recommendations to deepen cooperation between India and the Baltic states.

The full paper is freely available here.